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Saturday, April 20, 2019
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How God Works


Yesterday, (Sunday, January 29th) I met with the Staff Parish Relations Committee to accomplish our “Annual Review of the Clergy” for the district office and conference.  We had other items to discuss as well.  One of those items was my sharing with the SPRC my and Becky’s decision to sell our home in Lynchburg, Virginia, with the possibility of us purchasing a home in Middlesex County that would provide us more room than the present parsonage we live in.  

The reason behind this is that my brother and I are presently working on moving my aging parents from North Carolina here to Virginia to be closer to the two of us that we can better care for their needs.  They will move here on February 17th and move into an independent living community in Yorktown, Colonia Harbor, for the time being.  

One of my long-term plans is to purchase a home that would adequately accommodate having my parents moving in with my family here in Middlesex County at a later point and time.  Thus, the need to purchase a bigger place to live.  In order to do that, requires that Becky and I sell our present home in Lynchburg.

Presently, we are renting out our home to a Christian young graduate couple who attended Liberty University.  They have two small children and we have been blessed to have them as our renters.  They have been unaware of our thoughts of selling the home in which they rent.  I have been concerned about how to work this out with them as the husband is presently without work.   We try to help them out as much as we can, yet I know that for our plans to work out we would have to ask them to leave in the sometime near future.


Last night, following the meeting, I was sitting at my desk and received a text message from our renter.  The message stated that he had a follow-up job interview on Tuesday for a solid position in Roanoke, Va. City schools.  He also had been offered a staff position in the music ministry at a local church in Roanoke.  He stated that if he got the job in Roanoke, that he and his family would begin looking for a place to live in Roanoke.  Thus, they would need to move.  They didn’t want to spring this on me at the last minute so he wanted me to just be aware of this possibility for his family.   Imagine that!  The same day that I share with my SPRC the thought of selling our home in Lynchburg to purchase a home here in Middlesex County, the renters of our home in Lynchburg, who still have no clue that we were looking to sell the home they are renting, text me to let me know that they may be moving in the near future.  Coincident?  No, I don’t think so.  This is a God thing!  God is looking out for both my renters and my family at the same time, thus giving me confirmation that what Becky and I are doing is right.  I thank God for his amazing work that he does in our lives when we least expect it.  I thank God that I know that being obedient to Him and his Word leads to His blessings on and in our lives at just the right time.  His promises are true and He knows what is best for us if we will allow him to live in our life and follow in His ways.  To God be the Glory for what he is providing my renters and their family for their future and meeting the needs of Becky and my family’s life at the same time.  All things work for the good of those who love God according to His Will.




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